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Coffee Machines

We offer a diverse selection of commercial coffee machines available for leasing, renting, or purchasing, suitable for all types of workplaces. Our range encompasses traditional espresso machines, bean-to-cup coffee machines, and coffee vending machines. We carry both fresh milk and powdered milk coffee machines, as well as multimedia and touch screen models, along with fresh brew and instant variations, providing you with a wealth of options. Our commercial coffee machines are expertly crafted by coffee specialists, predominantly in Switzerland, a country renowned for its exceptional manufacturing capabilities.

P1 Machine

The P1 offers a fusion of superior coffee quality, customisable drink options, and versatility to suit any setting. With its sleek and appealing design, this P1 model is an ideal addition for hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, offices, and more. 

Primo Compact

The Primo Compact combines quality coffee, customisable drinks and compatibility with any location. A highly attractive design means that this Primo is the perfect fit for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, offices and beyond!

Primo X

Primo X is user-friendly in every way. It is easy to install and requires little maintenance. Just follow the intuitive interface on the 7″ touch screen to brew your espresso, coffee or tea in a matter of seconds.Primo X is made from stainless steel and recyclable plastic and its interior has had a redesign